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Engineering Plastic Packer
관리자 2011-03-04 2394

New Development Engineering Plastic Packer meets toe required standard of physical strength

▶ Specifications

Weight 15cc
Length 60mm
Diameter ?10
Maximum pressure


▶ Characteristics

1. Physical strength greater than the mechanical characteristics of metal packer(620kgf/ ㎠ .G).
2. Improvement in work efficiency due to diverse functions compard to metal packers.
3. Competitive Prices compared to metal packers.
4. Reduction in distribution costs due to over 60% drop in weight compared to metal packer.
5. Prevention of defect caused by the corrosion of metal packer.

▶ High performance Comparison of Packer

There is no move writing.
Zerk Packer(10Ø~14Ø)

Zerk Packer(..
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