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05 Seoul BusinessAgency. Middle East Trade Delegation(Dubai & Kuwait)
12 Seoul Export Center, SMBA - Promising Export Firm
12 Certificated as a Clean Workplace
06 Selected as a company of the KITA's New Exporters 300 Project
04 The design registration of dual line pump
04 Awarded Qualification for Warranty Brand by KOTRA.
12 Acquired ISO 9001 (KOTRIC) Quality Management System Certification.
11 Seoul BusinessAgency india ( New Delhi , Mumbai ) trade mission
10 Participated in the 106th Guangzhou Ex-Im Products Trade Fair
(Kenton Fair), China
06 Seoul BusinessAgency China(Guangzhou, Qingdao) trade mission
10 Portable display structure. Reinforcement maintenance system
04 Diagnosis of crack or joint repair or reinforcement performed by monitoring through the endoscope camera
11 An injector which could be fixed in its location for safety and
08 Mid-Size business innovative technology organization membership approved
03 Koforce Brand logo registered
12 Registered the method of construction for repair of crack by chemical injection
  using the temperature sensor
09 Registered the valve used for high pressure two chemical injector system
  Registered water leakage (due to cracks) repair system for bridges
07 Received INNOVATIVE technical (INNO-BIZ) mid-size business certification
06 Received VENTURE business certification
05 Registered method of construction and quality check for grouting repair
  Registered the pressure locator sensor used with the chemical injector in crack repair
03 Registered equipment for ceiling structure shaping and cutting
10 Began development of a new technology for hybrid water leakage
09 Registered the high pressure sensing jig as a new product
03 Registered licensing for the valve used for high pressure two chemical injector system